Compassionate and Quick In-House Diagnostics in Greenwood

Seeing our beloved companions fall victim to an unknown and unseen malady can cause us great distress and sadness. You are not alone. We at Rye Hill Veterinary Center understand the frustration and stress veterinary testing can cause for pet parents. 


Know that the wellbeing of your pet is vitally important to us, and we understand that no pet parent wants to wait endlessly for lab results in painful anticipation. Fortunately, Rye Hill Veterinary Center, unlike most other clinics, offers quality in-house diagnostic services that will never leave pet parents waiting in stress and anxiety. 


Our skilled team and equipment will make short work of diagnosing your pet’s malady and allow for quicker treatment of the root issue. 


Our in-house diagnostics consist of two main services including bloodwork or urine sample analysis and radiography. When we analyze your pet’s stool, urine, blood, or fur, we aim to quickly determine, based on professional analysis, the cause of your pet’s illness or discomfort. 


Likewise, when your pet is suffering from joint, bone, or degenerative disease, our staff is fully prepared to carry out X-ray procedures that will enable us to examine your pet’s bones, ligaments, organs, and other tissues for disease or injury. 


We’ll Give Your Pet the Attention and Care They Deserve at Rye Hill Veterinary Center

At Rye Hill Veterinary Center, we guarantee your companion will be given the quality care they serve to lead a thriving and healthy life. Whether your pet is in need of quick in-house diagnostics or wellness check we ensure quality service for both you and your pet. To schedule an appointment, please call or visit our website today for more information.


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