Common Signs of Separation Anxiety in Dogs


Does your pet freak out when you leave? Does your pet follow you everywhere (and I mean everywhere) you go around the house? Does your pet engage in destructive behavior or cry when you leave?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then your pet may be dealing with separation anxiety. 

Separation anxiety is a sign of distress that pets may go through when their owner is preparing to leave the house for a period of time. Oftentimes, a pet may urinate, whine, cry, bark, or rip things around the house in times of distress. 


Common Signs of Separation Anxiety

If your pet is displaying the following signs, then they could have separation anxiety: 



  • Distress When You’re Leaving: Dogs can display distress in a variety of ways. For example, dogs in distress may pant, pace, whine, or bark. Typically excessive acts of distress like these are signs your dog is experiencing separation anxiety.  


  • Bathroom Accidents: Your dog may go to the bathroom around the house when you’re not home. This may happen because of the stress and anxiety that is consuming them and are unable to hold it in until their regularly scheduled bathroom breaks. If your dog is usually well-trained and only goes to the bathroom inside when you’re gone, then this is a sign they have separation anxiety. 


How to Handle Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Although separation anxiety is stressful for your pet as well as the family, you can gradually train your pet to remain calm and comfortable when you’re not around. You can try leaving the room that your pet is in for moments at a time and gradually increase the time you’re away. Reward your dog if they show good behavior by giving them treats. If your dog continues to show excessive signs of anxiety, then consider taking them to Rye Hill Veterinary Clinic. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

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